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More about Hector Eaton

Hector Eaton is a seasoned professional currently working as the Senior Manager for JALC Doha, an international facility development and management firm. He has been with the company for over five years and has played an integral role in its operations since joining.

Born in England, Hector moved to Qatar after completing his education and began working for JALC Doha soon after. His first role was as a Project Manager, where he coordinated with clients, architects, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders involved in the projects undertaken by the firm. As he progressed through his career at JALC Doha, he was promoted to Senior Manager and took on greater responsibilities such as monitoring project progress against scheduled timelines and overseeing overall project delivery.

Hector has extensive experience in construction management and facility operations. Under his leadership, multiple projects have been successfully completed within budget and ahead of schedule. He is knowledgeable about local laws and regulations pertaining to building codes and safety standards which enables him to ensure compliance with all requirements when developing new facilities or renovating existing ones. Additionally, Hector is adept at managing teams of various nationalities as well as coordinating between clientele from different cultural backgrounds.

Hector prides himself on providing world-class services that fulfill client expectations while adhering to cost-efficiency principles. With his vast experience in construction management coupled with strong interpersonal skills, he is able to deliver timely results that exceed client expectations time after time.

In addition to his responsibilities as Senior Manager of JALC Doha, Hector also plays a critical role in the company’s expansion efforts. He is responsible for identifying potential opportunities and making recommendations on how best to pursue them. This involves assessing target markets, researching commercial real estate opportunities, and developing strategies for successful entry into new markets.