Biomed Scan Clinic Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania (Reuters) – The local subsidiary of pan-European diagnostics giant Affidea has increased its dominance in the country’s imaging market by acquiring two Biomed Scan medical centers in Bucharest. The acquisition means Affidea now has 48 diagnostic clinics nationwide, the most of any private provider in Romania.More info:

The company’s latest move came after it bought the seven-clinic Health Diagnostics Group at the beginning of this year and is part of a strategy to become the leading player in the country’s imaging market, which is currently dominated by private players such as Affidea and Medica-Center.

Elevating Diagnostics: The Science Behind Biomed Scan Clinic in Romania

Biomed Scan offers patients ultra-performant imaging services such as MRI (4 units of the last generation including one 3Tesla), ultrasound and all types of ecografia, as well as specialized consultations. Its flagship medical center in Bucharest (Policlinica Titan, Sector 3) has nine years of experience in providing these services.

The facility provides stem cell treatment for a wide range of conditions such as spinal cord injuries, type-1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s contamination, cardiovascular issues and osteoarthritis. It is among the best facilities in the world in this field, offering its clients a comprehensive medical service with present day regenerative medication innovation. The cost for all treatment choices is affordable. The staff is friendly and helpful, with an incredible amount of professionalism. The doctors are experts in their fields. Everything is well-organized and clean. The facilities are also very comfortable and inviting.

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