How a Circumferential Body Lift Can Give You the Body You Desire


Diet and exercise can help you achieve dramatic weight loss, but sometimes, sagging or drooping skin develops that prevents you from enjoying the healthy body shape you worked so hard to attain. A circumferential body lift in Miami can address these areas of loose skin, helping you achieve a flatter abdomen and slimmer back and lateral thigh contour. The procedure also improves the size and curvature of your buttocks.

Before you undergo this procedure, you should undergo a medical check-up and adjust your lifestyle to maintain a stable weight. You should also pause smoking, avoid certain medications and supplements that increase bleeding and prepare a comfortable space for post-surgery recovery.

Achieving Total Transformation: Circumferential Body Lift Explained

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital operating room, typically with you spending 1 night in the hospital. The surgeon makes a circular incision around your lower torso, ideally positioned within natural skin creases. The surgeon removes excess skin and repositions the remaining tissue to provide a more defined body contour. The incisions are closed with deep sutures.

This is a highly customized operation, and the specific details will vary depending on your goals. To learn more about how a circumferential body lift can give you the body you envision, schedule a personal consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon. J Timothy Katzen, M.D. is experienced in providing natural-looking, sculpted body contours for men and women who have lost significant weight after bariatric surgery or through diet and exercise. Contact our Beverly Hills office to schedule your appointment.

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