What Does the Carnian Pluvial Layer Mean?

The story of the capa pluvial significado Event, a sedimentation layer supposedly deposited by a global flood at the end of the last Ice Age, is not just about a biblical flood. Geologists have found that the event was associated with a global reversal of polarity and a major climate change. It was also a time of huge volcanic eruptions, enhancing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, promoting global warming, and inducing wetter conditions.

Divine Symbolism: Understanding the Meaning of the Pluvial Layer

The updated AIR Inland Flood Model now includes a pluvial component that models flooding that occurs off floodplains. This approach increases the granularity of modeling precipitation-driven flooding from ponding, excess flow from ephemeral streams and overflowing rivers–three sources of flood risk that do not necessarily appear on traditional flood maps.

In a typical model setup, fluvial, coastal and pluvial extreme water level drivers are separately modeled to produce hazard layers. The resulting layers are then overlaid to generate a composite flood hazard map. The resulting map provides an estimate of the probability of occurrence and potential impact for the aggregation of all three components.

Locally derived depth-damage functions are used to calculate location-level exceedance probability (EP) curves for off-floodplain flooding, as opposed to the average or median depths commonly used in modeling fluvial or coastal floods. This enables the model to provide more differentiated location-level risk, improving the applicability of resulting vulnerability functions and mitigating any possible discontinuity in locations characterized by different on- and off-floodplain flood risks.

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