What is the OBD2 for BMW?

obd2 for bmw

The obd2 for bmw is a device that is used to read and clear error codes in your car. Without this tool, a mechanic would have to take apart large portions of your vehicle while troubleshooting, which was very time-consuming and expensive. OBD scanners today are standardized and very easy to use.

OBD means on-board diagnostics and it is a system built into the car to collect warning and error messages. These are then sent to the driver via a check engine light or similar warning. A scanner is a device that can connect to your car and then send data to a mobile application or computer for diagnosis.

Driving Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide to OBD2 for BMWs

There are several different types of scanners available. Some only read engine-related errors (called OBD level diagnostics), while others can read faults from all systems of the car including the ABS, airbag, transmission, and more. These are called manufacturer-level diagnostics and they can be quite a bit more useful.

A good choice is the BMW CAN Bus Diagnostics Scanner which has a small form factor, a color LCD, and an easy-to-use interface. It can scan all BMW control units, read and erase error codes, display live sensor data, and more. This is much more powerful than a generic OBD2 scanner or even a basic Bluetooth adapter, and it can save you money on a BMW repair bill. It can also reset condition-based service reminders and code control units. It’s a great choice for a BMW owner who wants to do some DIY work.

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