French-Speaking Tourist Guides in Rio De Janeiro

Frenchspeaking tourist guides in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilians don’t call Rio a “Cidade Maravilhosa” (“Marvelous City”) for nothing: The dazzling Atlantic laps the city’s beaches, Christ the Redeemer watches down from Corcovado Mountain, and the world-class museums and galleries of the arty Santa Teresa district entice. But there’s much more to this enigmatic seaside city than its best-known attractions. A local guide can show you the hidden historic treasures of downtown Rio, reveal to you samba spots and bars that only Cariocas know about, lead you on hiking trails to spectacular viewpoints, or take you to admire rare species at the Rio City Zoo. This link:this website

The best time to visit Rio is from December through March when the weather is warm and dry. Carnival and New Year’s Eve are also big draws – but the city offers something to suit all tastes year-round.

A Bridge Between Cultures: The Role of French-Speaking Tourist Guides in Rio de Janeiro

Aside from the glitzy resort hotels, Rio has a great range of restaurants serving cuisines from around the globe. And with a relatively large middle class, prices are fairly reasonable, especially when you compare them to other exotic beach cities.

To learn more about the cultural and sporting events on offer, read Caderno B in the daily Jornal do Brasil and O Globo’s weekly Rio supplement. The magazine Veja also includes a Rio section. Alternatively, ask your tour guide to recommend the most up-to-date listings.

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