Post-LASIK Surgery Care Instructions

During the first day following cataract surgery, you’ll need to rest at home and avoid straining your eyes. This means avoiding TV, video games, smartphones, tablets, computers, reading and other screen-based activities as much as possible. It also means not exercising (unless your doctor specifically says you can) and not doing any heavy lifting or strenuous work.

How do you take care of your eyes after LASIK?

You’ll probably be given a clear plastic shield to wear at night while sleeping to keep your eye from accidentally getting poked or bumped until the flap heals. You can shower but should be careful to avoid soap, lotions or hair spray coming into contact with your eyes. You should also stay away from whirlpools, hot tubs and saunas until your doctor clears you.

Be sure to ask for a ride home from the clinic on your surgery day, because between your post-op medications and your blurry vision, you won’t be safe driving yourself. Also, you’ll want someone to be around to help with meal preparation and shopping for groceries (as your grocery store will be a confusing place in your blurry, drowsy state).

It’s important to follow your doctor’s post-op instructions closely in order to recover quickly and avoid complications. Make sure to take all of your medications, especially the ones for pain and dry eyes, as directed. Your doctor will also schedule regular follow-up appointments to check on your healing and vision, and may modify your care plan accordingly.

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