Why is CBD Oil Water Soluble?

cbd oil water soluble

cbd oil water soluble is not water soluble naturally but it can be made so using special technologies. It is mainly done by encapsulating it inside liposomes. These are tiny sphere-shaped, thin-walled vesicles. They contain one or more phospholipid bilayers with water inside and between them. Liposomal CBD uses a blend of oil and water-soluble surfactants and cannabinoids to make the cannabinoids more soluble. There are new processes being developed, including the use of electrospun fibers that dissolve in water and could release cannabinoids faster than current encapsulation materials.

Why is cbd oil water soluble better than other methods?

Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water (H2O) so anything that’s water soluble can be absorbed easily into the body. Unlike oil-based CBD formulations, which must pass through the liver and undergo significant metabolism, water-soluble CBD formulations bypass this ‘first-pass effect’, leading to much higher levels of CBD in the bloodstream.

Researchers found that water-soluble CBD was up to 4.5 times more bioavailable than oil-based formulas. Taking CBD with food increases absorption even more, which is why some people prefer to take CBD products with a meal. Research by NextEvo Naturals also showed that water-soluble CBD reaches the bloodstream more quickly and modifies early insulin and triglyceride responses. This is likely due to the smaller average droplet size of water-soluble CBD, which allows it to be absorbed more rapidly and is less likely to linger in the digestive tract.

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